Wanting to book a Pop Up Event? Call 620-724-4131 and ask for Shelby

How do I get one? We offer Permanent Jewelry as Pop-Up Events at your location, Private Events at our Location, By appointment at this time. Walk-ins may be available if we have staff available.

Do you have a catalog? No, as the Silver/Gold market is ever changing we are not always able to guarantee a certain chain to be in stock. When you schedule an appointment if you want a certain style chain please let us know, but we promise to always have at minimum 15 styles to choose from!! 

How does this work? We will help you to pick out your bracelet to best suit your skin tone, preferences and lifestyle. We will cut the chain to size on your wrist, ankle or around your neck. Lots of customers wear both silver & gold and you can do a mixed chain or 2 chains to get this look. The welder produces the tiniest “flash” of a spark but closes the link on your piece for an effortless Forever look. Once we’re finished we will clean it up with a fiberglass buffer and you’ll walk out feeling fashionable with a light weight custom piece. 

How long does it take? Appointment slots are for 30 minutes and up to 2 customers can book per slot!

Will it hurt?
 No, It is put on with a couple of Jewlery tools, clamped shut and then before welding we get your approval. We place a leather piece between your skin & the welder to protect from any small sparks, and It is claspless and effortless! 

Can I wear my bracelet in the water? Yes you can. The gold filled or sterling silver chain we use can go with you in any body of water! 

What is the Price on each chain? - Our bracelets start at $30 & go up to $100. The market is ever changing and so is stock so the best place to see in stock chain is our Instagram page! @raekaeforever 

What is the chain made of? Some chains are gold filled they are 90% gold with a brass core and All of the other chains are Silver chains, they are 100% Sterling Silver. I personally spray tan often, and I use a wet washcloth to wipe it off after. If your chain is exposed to sulphur (present in some water sources) or other chemicals, it may tarnish. You can brighten your chain by using a soft polishing cloth. If you have to get your gold rings Re-dipped every so often, your piece will not last as long, so we encourage you to choose sterling silver if this is the case! 

Is it really permanent, forever? Nothing in life is permanent. I know some people who have had pieces on for the last three years and some who need to replace their piece every few months.

What if I need to remove it? If you need to remove it for any reason stop back in our store or you can use sharp scissors or nail clippers to do this at home. Cut it at the weld spot. Keep your chain so we can reattach it when you’re ready.

What if I change my mind? All sales are final! You could gift your chain to someone and they can get it welded on, or you can put it back on at a later date. 

What if my Forever jewelry piece breaks? All sales are final!  We will repair the piece for you at no cost the first time it breaks. If you break it a second time you will be charged a $10 reweld fee. If you are local to our store come in anytime and we can repair it, although calling ahead is encouraged. 

What if I need an MRI? If an MRI or a medical procedure is needed where you must remove your Forever Bracelet, simply cut the chain at the weld spot. Save your chain for us to reweld it on! 

Can I travel through Security with my bracelet? Yes, precious metal jewelry does not need to be removed when going through Airport security or when passing through metal detectors.

Is there an age requirement? There is no age limit, but know that if a child gets one, we cannot add to them regularly as they grow, it will be a new piece. Also anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. 

How do I book an appointment? Use the link at the top to request an appointment at our Store located at 121 E. Prairie Girard, KS. We request a $10 non-refundable deposit to hold your appointment, and re-scheduling 24 hours in advance will allow you to not lose your $10. This will apply to your purchase. 

Do I need an appointment? An appointment is encouraged as all of our staff aren’t trained to do Forever Jewlery! If you call ahead we can always inform you, or tap the link above to check on availability!

Do you have gift cards? At this time we only have gift certificates for jewelry able to be purchased in store or by phone. Our boutique gift cards don’t work with our permanent Jewelry it is separate!